Winter Shelter Jan. 8-15, 2020

Every winter we participate in a city-run program to offer shelter to the homeless. We provide dinner, breakfast and a bag lunch, as well as a warm place to spend the night. We need your help to make it all work!

If you would like to donate supplies, we need the following items :  hand and foot warmers, breath mints, chap stick, feminine products, and the following NEW items in all sizes: men’s and women’s  underwear, hats & gloves, plus small umbrellas and ponchos.   We do NOT need  SOCKS,   SOAP,   SHAMPOO, TOOTHPASTE, ETC as the city will be providing those items.

You can also help by donating food items.  Click HERE to see the sign up openings.   Please bring your items on the date you signed up for.   They will be served for breakfast at 5 am the next morning.   You can bring items to the church office from 9 am to 4 pm or bring to the FLC between 6 pm and 8 pm.    Please do not bring earlier than the date for which you are signed up as we do not have storage for multiple days. 

You can also donate your time.  Click HERE to see where your help is needed.

Thank you!